Rekwup’s Objectives

Helping Change Consumer Habits

The future is all about consuming less and maximising re-use and recycling.  Our current pattern of disposable consumption will soon be a thing of the past.

Offer Sustainable Solutions Through Continuous Improvement

Reusable cups are our first sustainable solution, and we are still improving upon it, by looking at plastic type, origin, etc.

Creating Future Employment

Re-localising employment through one or more cleaning stations and disposal sites.

Developing Sustainable Partnerships

Ahead of prices, what we are focused on first and foremost is the quality and origin of the cups which we supply to our customers, as well as the environmental and social practices of our suppliers, and of course the key principle behind our service.

We want not only the best suppliers, but also the most local, environmentally friendly and ethical.A Fair Price For All

We offer the lowest possible prices, whilst maintaining our business development aims, to ensure that reusability is accessible for everyone.

Becoming THE Industry Standard

We intend to be market leaders, the best in our field, so quality and safety will always be given the same very high priority as our environmental and social standards.

Waste ReductionReducing the waste generated at events (and elsewhere in society) is one of our key objectives.  We want to do everything in our power to ensure that wherever people are using disposable items, they are replaced with reusable ones.  Starting with cups.

Fair Pay for All

Our employees, cooperative members and suppliers will be fairly paid.  The way that we calculate dividends paid to our cooperative members will be the same for everyone, regardless of their shareholder type.  We offer our citizens a healthy investment.We offer an above-average rate of pay and the lowest hourly rate of pay we offer shall be used as a benchmark such that the highest salary cannot exceed more than 10 times its value.

Investing in Environmentally Friendly Solutions for the Future

Both within and without our company, we will always be keen to follow innovation, to lead innovation and to continue to invest in our pioneering services

Expanding and Developing our Solutions

The environment is often seen as a “first world” concern; we want to work with partners in regions or countries facing economic hardship to come up with environmental solutions that suit their needs and their own situation.