re-cycle   re-think  re-claim   re-use ...

Kwatt Kwaliteit [Quality] ...

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utilisable kwaliteit cup [Reusable, High-Quality cup]

Or how to supply environmentally-friendly products and services, create local jobs and make a positive contribution to creating a fairer economy!

 A little bit about our founders :


Jean-Gérald Pahaut
Rekwup scrl Founder and Manager

Jean-Gérald PahautGraduating in Tourism in 2002, he quickly put theory into practice and went off travelling and thence to work in both hotels and nature conservation, before ending up in nougat.

Jean-Gérald spent 6 years as Head of Export and Quality Control in the Carlier family nougat business where he learned all there is to know about hygiene standards, AFSCA, HACCP and international certifications. Having also worked as a concert, festival and events organiser since 2000, Jean-Gérald developed a keen awareness of the negative environmental impact of these activities.

In 2005 at the Petits Feux de Barcène festival, he made the decision to use reusable cups for the first time.  The experiment was a success, despite the cups having to be sent to Perpignan to be washed.  However, with the help of BEP, a stock of reusable cups was bought for the Maison des Jeunes de Ciney which is still in use today.

In 2001, he met Bruno from Esprit Planète in Rennes, who had decided to produce cups in Brittany. Thanks to him, and to the Un Soir Autour du Monde and Esperanzah!  festival organisers, the reusable, high-quality cup venture came to life.

In 2012, a non-profit organisation was set up to launch the project; after 2 years of research and development into transport and cleaning and drying, the Rekwup cooperative was finally born in January 2014.



Vincent Luyckx
Rekwup scrl Founder and Consultant

As Chief Executive of Sabemaf Sechehaye, a company specialising in local authority catering facility installation and importers of Meiko washing equipment for several decades, Vincent wanted to invest in this project both because of its environmental as well as its social and economic interest.  His experience in industrial washing machines and his many years’ experience at the head of a flagship company within this market make him a valuable asset to the cooperative.







Vincent Varelli
Rekwup scrl Founder and Sales Representative

During his years as commercial engineer, Vincent was busy organising events such as the Coupe du Mons in 1996 (in those days there was little concern voiced about the dozens if not hundreds of kilos of plastic cups littering the grounds after such events).

He then met Jean-Gérald with whom he worked at Jeunes et Média (now known as 4uCampus) where he was responsible for promoting culture and reading within schools and universities. It was at this time that their friendship blossomed, along with their commitment to their shared values.  Now with 10 years of experience running a business (the Eurologos translation agency) behind him, and with his considerable experience in events management, Vincent was very keen to put his commercial expertise to work to help Rekwup become a success.





So What Are You Waiting For ?

If you count yourself a friend of the planet, take this opportunity to put your values into action and become a cooperative member !