Our Services

Reusable Cup Loan Service

We will deliver you enough clean cups for your event and take the used ones away at the end of the event.  All you have to do is handle the deposits and pay for transport and cleaning.

Our cups are available for minimum orders of 500 upwards; there is no upper limit, we are able to cater for the biggest events in Europe.


Reusable Cup Sales

We can also manufacture custom-made cups in colours to suit your event, company, association, town, etc

Choice of print and cup colours: neutral, blue, green, red, pink, yellow, purple, orange and even luminous.

Reusable Cup Cleaning Services

If you buy cups from us we can of course also wash them for you, it's all part of our expert service. Thanks to our wealth of experience and our reliable partners, we have the best equipment on the market so your cups will receive VIP treatment at Rekwup.

Reusable Cup Storage Services

The same goes for storage, our building is designed to hold over 1,000,000 cups in great condition, we always keep free space for our partners’ cups too to ensure they are kept in the
best condition to ensure their longevity.

The Rekwup Team

Our expertise goes far beyond supplying reusable cups and organising their cleaning. We can also provide cup provision solutions during your events, distribute them between different bars, maintain stock levels, etc.  We can manage the deposit system, as well as provide bar management


We are aware that our service comes at a cost, and we can help you to finance the use of reusable cups for example by helping to find sponsors, subsidies, etc.

Moreover, for each cup not returned by attendees, Rekwup always leaves part of the deposit to the organisers.

Environmental Consultancy

Rekwup can also help you with all aspects of an event’s environmental management.  Waste management and prevention, team management, mobility, etc.

We have extensive experience of events organisation and we are extremely proud of our work on the environmental management of the Esperanzah! festival.  Each year we set ourselves the
challenge of reducing its environmental impact yet further.